Chavan brand was designed and manufactured by Azar and Azadeh Najibi in 2016. It is a combination of Iranian art and latest footwear industry standards. The new and creative brand in footwear industry intends to collect all different handmade as the folk heritage in order to make colorful shoes in high workmanship level. The use of unique fabrics and motors that makes ones unique in the collection as well. The reason for choosing the designs and woven materials used in the production of these shoes is the introduction of a variety of designs and hand-woven craftsmanship and original Iranian art that will help both the more durable designs and the restoration of the industry. Chavan's shoes are made from the finest natural leather combination. With combined by Persian hand-woven and colorful crimson (thermoplastic) handles. Chavan means eyes in Kurdish and eyes are a window to see the beauty and the purpose of choosing this name is a different look at the artwork.

Making the shoes traditionally, denial of new and innovative ideas, and presence of women as designers and producers are the problems of in the male industry. Chavan, itself, capitalizes all the manufacture, advertising, art exhibitions, postage expenditures and could register this brand in Iran and Europe. Chavan's first exhibition was held in July 2017 was held at the Aran Art Gallery in Brussels, Belgium, and was welcomed by Europeans. Then in Fajr International Festival (Handicrafts and Fashion & Clothing), chavan was welcomed by visitors, fashionmongers, and haute couture.

Furthermore it received honorary diploma and was enrolled in handicraft department by Dr.Mounesian, the head if cultural Heritage, handicraft and Tourism organization. Then some of chavan's produsts were exhibited as ever-lasting legacy in museum of cultural Heritage Organization.

Introduction of group members: Azar and Azadeh Najibi are art activists. Mrs. Azadeh Najibi graduated from the Azad Najibi Islamic Azad University and Azad Najibi, a graduate of theater with the trend of costume design from Tehran University and theater designer, Cinema and television. Being as artificer, teaching in art field, and interesting in the Iranian costume has led to have a new and different attention on the women’s needs in Iran.

It is suggest Ed and motivated to make products based on the women's handmade in, which the action and soul is the indispensable element, to maintain and perceive these particular motifs which are being demolished.

The ultimate purpose of Chavan's is to illustrate, apply, and emphasize on the Iranian beautiful and colored art.